Lifestyle Trends

Lifestyle Trends

The City of Hamilton is known as a “Global City”. By definition:  Global City is a prominent centre of trade, banking, finance, innovations and markets.

City living or should I say city units in particular, tend to be smaller in size than units outside of the city limits. “Smaller in size doesn’t mean you lose bang for your buck!”

The city is vibrant and is in its early stages of a revitalized transformation. If you look around you can already see small pockets of change happening around us. The buildings are growing in size and shape to accommodate the ever-growing population. City developments have taken flight as well, with Atlantis constructed in 2004, Dundonald House constructed in 2005, and Park Place constructed in 2006. Soon to break ground is the new development at 7 Park Road.

We’ve tracked the city living trends since the introduction of City Living, and the city is alive and growing. Since 2004 130+ units have been constructed with Atlantis being the start.  The trend followed is in the owner occupancy rate… *Atlantis being the first with approx 12% owner occupied, Dundonald House – 25% owner occupied, and Park Place completed in 2008 is approximately 50% owner occupied. So you can see, individuals see the value in owning a city unit, while enjoying the beauty and benefits the city has to offer.

A revitalized approach in The City of Hamilton – What a great place to live!

City living continues to thrive with new apartment developments on the horizon. The concept of living within the city boundaries is growing. The trend is towards an easier lifestyle with those happy to indulge in city life – typically focusing on travel and occupations at various stages in their lives; without the hassles of property ownership and maintenance.

Lifestyle changes, investment or however you look at it, owning a city unit, is definitely an option you shouldn’t pass up; Discover the urban lifestyle that the City of Hamilton has to offer!

Suburban homeowners (or persons who live outside the city) face a slew load of challenges over the years of owning a home. Electrical Issues, plumbing issues, water issues; whether it be a crack in your tank or a crack in your roof; the name of the game is MAINTENANCE! – It may not be that you don’t like to do the handy stuff, however if you don’t like to get your hands dirty and really don’t have the time, it’s the maintenance costs that gets most people worked up.

City Living is a means of taking away those burdens while giving you ease of living. Close to work, shopping, nightlife, and everything else that a person would want, right at their fingertips! This is what makes this product so valuable.

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